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IPR2 - China


Title "The EU-China Project on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights"
Funding European Commission
Implementation period   2007 - 2012
Beneficiary country The Government of People´s Republic of China
Beneficiary institutions Various Chinese Governmental Institutions
DKPTO role Expert Provider, project leader European Project Office
Budget 10,85 mio. €



The overall project purpose is to target the reliability, efficiency and accessibility of the IP protection system towards establishing a sustainable environment for effective IPR enforcement in China.


The project includes the following components:

1) Legal FrameworkLegal Framework - Improve the Chinese legal framework of IPR laws and regulations on all aspects of Criminal law, Pat-ent law, Trademark law, Copyright law, and Geographical Indications, Civil and Administrative procedures.

2) Capacity Building - Build the technical capacity of human resources in all institutions involved in IPR in China.

3) Access to information - Provide better access to information for users and officials.

4) Enforcement - Develop legal procedures to promote and support China's efforts to build up efficient internal, in-ter‐agency, inter‐regional and inter‐jurisdictional systems and civil, criminal and administrative procedures for IPR enforcement.

5) Support to Rightholders - Reinforce support to right holders in China and Europe to make best use of the Chinese IP systems.

6) Trademarks and Designs - This component leverages the core competence and channels the expertise of National Patent and Trademark Offices together with the European Office of Harmonisation of the Internal Market (OHIM).


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