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Macedonia Twinning Project
MK 11 IB OT 01

Strengthening the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
EU - Twinning
Implementation period
2015 – 2017
Beneficiary country
Beneficiary institutions
The State Office of Industrial Property (SOIP) (Lead partner) Ministry of Finance – Customs Administration; Ministry of Interior – Police; State Market Inspectorate; Public Prosecution Office; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Culture (Department for Copyright and neighbouring rights)
DKPTO role
Project Leader
1,4 mio. €



April 2016

June 2016

September 2016

December 2016 



The overall project objective is to increase the effectiveness of the country's preparation for EU accession and to ensure greater efficiency and impact of EU programmes in the country. Moreover, the project purpose is to strengthen the institutional and administrative capacity of the State Office of Industrial Property, to provide efficient and quality support to the authorities in the Beneficiary Country having competences in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. Furthermore, the project will strengthen the operational capacity of The Customs administrationto fight against infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, according to their legal competences.



The project will address the following priorities from the Accession Partnership 2008:

  • Prepare an action plan for building up the capacity necessary to implement and enforce the EU acquis in each area covered, with particular focus on the need to provide specialised training for law enforcement bodies, judges, prosecutors and customs officials.
  • Develop public awareness campaigns and improve cooperation among law enforcement bodies and between all relevant stakeholders.
  • Build up the capacity necessary to implement and enforce the EU acquis in each area covered by this chapter and establish a satisfactory track record on investigation, prosecution and judicial handling of piracy and counterfeiting.
  • Increase administrative capacity of the SOIP for improving its coordinative role for implementation of IP laws and functioning of the IPR enforcement mechanisms.
  • Improve Methodology for exchange and collecting data from institutions involved in the system of IPR protection and enforcement.
  • Raise public awareness for the importance of protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Further approximate legislation and procedures to the EU acquis.
  • Increase administrative capacity to implement customs legislation and to fight cross-border crime.

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