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Ukraine Twinning





Strengthening the Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Ukraine


EU – Twinning

Implementation period

March 2014 - October 2015

Beneficiary country


Beneficiary institutions

The main beneficiary of the project is the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine (SIPSU) under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Ukraine. Other beneficiaries are the national customs and judges from various counts in all offices of the Ukraine legal system.

DKPTO role

Junior Partner


1.500.000 €



The overall objective of the proposed project is to strengthen the enforcement of Intellectual property Rights in the Republic of Ukraine, with the aim of reducing the level of piracy of goods protected by intellectual property law.


The purpose of this project is to strengthen the administrative capacity and competencies of the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine (SIPSU) as well as to propose effective legal measures against counterfeiting and piracy and to ensure effective implementation of the enforcement legislation and sanctions for infringements of intellectual property rights.

The project consists of three thematic components:

  • COMPONENT 1;  Legislation of Ukraine in the sphere of enforcement legislation of intellectual property rights improved
  • COMPONENT 2; Capacity building of the SIPSU enhanced
  • COMPONENT 3; Strengthening professional skills of the stakeholders


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